Trader/POS Terms & Conditions for Login/Transactions
  • •Trader/POs have to sign up in the Web for Registration Process;
  • • Trader/POs have to fill in the Web Application with all the required details of Personal and Business;
  • • Every Regd., Trader/POs shall download Billing Software with their valid ID as per the terms of the Company;
  • • Trader/POs have to pre-recharge the billing Software with a minimum of R.500/- and unlimited maximum for his proposed sales through this network;
  • •Trader/POs ID and billing software will be displayed in [GREEN] as ACTIVE and Charged or otherwise in [RED] as NON ACTIVE and dis-charged on the basis of his sales/transactions entered through the pre-recharged software from time to time
  • • Trader/Pos will be eligible for incentives if their referred/introduced valid Customers or Traders IDs only, and such Customers or Traders IDs should also in ACTIVE ie., [ GREEN ] and eligible.
  • • Incentives shall be depends Customer/Trader/POS’s IDs eligibility only ie., ACTIVE or NON ACTIVE and declared month wise decided by the company on the basis of the performance Para meters decided from time to time ;
  • • Incentives of the previous month performance will be declared on or before 15th of every succeeding month;
  • • Trader/POS are required to verify their incentives in their bank accounts for the online transfers/credits made by the company and subsequently, notify the company about the errors/non-credits if any found within a week day for rectifications by the company;
  • •Incentives to the Trader/POS are purely depends on monthly performance Para meters, eligibility conditions ie., ACTIVE or NON ACTIVE, therefore the declaration of incentives are purely optional, will defer/change from month to month and Trader/POS to other Trader/POS from time to time, hence they can’t expect fixed/regular un-interrupted incentives;
  • • Traders/POS must give bills to customers on their valid IDs for the purchases made by them ;
  • • Traders/POS are required to explain to the customers about the company’s procedures, benefits, incentives and along with the store’s updated information before/after completion of billing/payment as the circumstances demands/deem fit to the satisfaction of customer;
  • •Trader/POS are expected to provide feedback facility after completing the invoices/payments for the purchases made by the valid customer. Therefore, the company will entertain/observe the feedback of the customers observations/complaints etc; for suggestions, rectification and to maintain the track record of the Trader/POS from time to time .
  • • Trader/POS are not expected to promise to any customer about the fixed/guaranteed/regular un-interrupted incentives from the company;
  • • Trader/POS/Executives are expected/required to maintain varieties of products range, quality and prices etc hence, justification/judgment and upto the satisfaction of customers;
  • • Trader/POS are required to provide feedback of Customers’ service, behavior and their updated requirements after completion of billing/payment in the specified places of Software/Web/App etc., provided to them;
  • • Every Trader/POS shall notify the sponsoring/referring Customer/Executives IDs in their introduction Column with all other required/specified/compulsory details for classification/enabling the categorisation Of promotional/incentive positions from time to time;
  • • Incentives to Trader/POS shall be transferred/credited directly in their respective bank accounts by way of Online processing system only;
  • •Trader/POS Incentives or Sponsorer Incentives will be announced as eligible on the basis of their Performances categorised by the company from time to time as stated above;

Note:These terms & conditions will defer/change par with the market/trade/mercantile situations and the circumstances demands/deem fit from time to time.